Sears & Sebree ties arrived and my husband loves them. The quality is very good and I can't wait to put my next order in. Kenny should have a booth at NAR conferences so I don't have to spend a fortune at Brooks Brothers etc before returning home. Kudos Kenny! - Debbie Dwyer

Excited for Coach's bday present!!! Thank you KP, Kenny Parcell love these!! Especially love the touching, kind story behind the KP history, you my friend are one beautiful person. - Bette McTamney

Got the PolychronCopeland, and Smaby ties in the mail today! Looking awesome!! Kenny, you've outdone yourself. - George Wonica

When I decided to start my own business I picked up an even greater appreciation for entrepreneurs. I recently learned that one of my REALTOR friends has his own line of ties. I knew I needed one. Then I read Kenny Parcell's story - and now I'm even happier to have one. If you can, go toKPTies and check out the stock. Many of them are named for people you may know. While I didn't buy a Smaby or a Copeland or an Oppler, I like my Conklin tie. Definitely in my bag for the Orlando trip! - Chris Beadling

Haven't really had a chance to try on my brand new KP Executive Tie since I have been on part time paternity leave but my son and I decided to show off our ties. - Axay Ax Parekh

Sporting this KP Signature tie for today's Board of Directors meeting. Great quality Kenny Parcell! Everybody needs to sign up for - Andrew Sims

Speaking today at a luxury real estate event in New Jersey. After I'm done, a nice gentleman approaches and says, "Do you know Kenny Parcell?" I say, "Of course I do. He's The Godfather of Utah real estate! And, today I'm wearing a tie that he sent me from his new collection!" Small world! - Thomas Wright

Rocking the Oppler tie today from! Check out the website for some of the nicest and most inexpensive ties around....and read my friend Kenny Parcell's story. That's enough to buy one of these great ties! - George Wonica

Just received my first order from the newest project of the inimitable Kenny Parcell. Quality product at a great price. I will be coming back for more! - Marc Levinson

If you like the dollar shave club then you will absolutely love My good friend Kenny Parcells tie of the month club! Beautiful ties and affordable for everyone! Can't wait to get the second tie! Go to and sign up for the tie of the month program. This is a game changer! Thanks Kenny! - Dan Higginson

SO excited to come home from a week of travel and find this snazzy tie waiting for me at the office! My good friend, Kenny Parcell, has launched a tie company and you need to check it out at and consider his "Tie of the Month" program. If you really want to be a style icon, choose "The Stone" and get the deal CLOSED! - Hagan Stone

John wearing his new KP Tie ... the "Kipper" ... Check out all of Kenny's awesome ties at kpties dot com! #greatqualitygreatprice - Cindy Butts

What's better than receiving Getting one from someone who leads with a passion like no other person I know!!! - Sean Moore

I had the great honor to present Jim Imhoff , an RPAC lifetime achievement award last night in Madison Wisconsin!!!
He was proudly wearing his KP tie for the event - John Smaby

Wearing my KP tie - Cindy Butts

#kpties are bringing a little sophistication to The Last Frontier. These ties are top shelf!! I guarantee you will not find a tie of equal quality remotely close to this price. If you have a differing opinion I invite you to travel all the way to Alaska for a gentlemen's debate. Kenny Parcell you knocked it out of the park my friend!!! I can't wait to pick out my tie next month. I have been able to narrow my list of favorites down to 9. - Mark Mays

Rocking my Copeland tie today from KPTies! If you want some quality ties, check this new company started by Kenny Parcell. - Mark Gavin

Ok, ok me too! You know great customer service when the owner text you the order is shipped! #kpties thanks Kenny Parcell!! - Mike Craddock

Packing up for NAR in Orlando. Got some friends going on my suitcase with me thanks to Kenny Parcell. Of course, "The Copeland" is up top and really should order a few for yourself :) - Brian Copeland