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Three things determine what length tie is needed. The largest determining factor is the height of the tie wearer. Our KPTies for kids usually fit kids between 4 feet 2 inches, and 5 feet. Besides height, the neck/collar size is also a factor. Since boys have a much smaller neck, the tie needs to be a touch thinner as well as shorter. For that reason most of our kids ties measure 49 inches in length. Finally the type of tie knot used determines the length of the tie needed. Larger tie knots, such as the popular Windsor knot, require more of the tie’s length.

As a good rule of thumb our kids ties will fit boys between the ages 6 to 12. If your child is older, and or very tall for his age, then we recommend purchasing an adult sized KPTie instead. All our kids ties are also available in adult size, and many even in a Extra Long KPTie for the big & tall man.


Our Silk neck ties are made of the finest fabrics and 100% silk, each necktie is expertly tailored by dedicated craftsmen with years of experience.


Our Microfiber ties are the latest development in the necktie industry. Microfiber is a man made material which blends a unique combination of both polyester and polyamide materials which are woven into material for our stain resistant neckties. Microfiber ties have the texture, feel and quality of our silk ties; some people cannot tell the difference.


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